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Better for blood circulation, better for skin!

维生素K (leafy greens)

Everyone’s heard about 维生素 A, B, C, D and E…but K? 许多人, particularly those who do not have blood clotting disorders, are unaware that such a thing exists. 维生素K essential to circulatory health, so it is often recommended by doctors for patients who have bleeding disorders and/or to counteract overdoses of blood thinning medications. But 维生素K can help you look more rested and youthful, too.

维生素K was discovered in 1929 to be intimately tied to the circulatory system. It aids the liver in production of necessary blood-clotting proteins, 但近年来, the importance that 维生素K performs to skin health has been discovered.

1. Increases elasticity in blood vessels.

When vessels are more elastic, they are less likely to rupture. The reduction in blood outside vessels translates to a reduction in redness, puffiness and/or dark circles around your eyes as well as a reduction in the visibility of spider veins.

2. Blocks calcium deposits in collagen.

Calcium is a rigid compound, and where deposits form, hardening happens. If collagen fibers are calcified, they become weak and brittle…and easily damaged collagen fibers means sagging, 皱纹和皱纹.

Diminishing the visibility of dark under eye circles, fine 皱纹和皱纹 can take years off your appearance, and that makes 维生素K is an anti-aging must.

维生素K and its role in your 皮肤健康

Aside from eating foods high in 维生素K—green leafy vegetables like spinach, 西兰花和羽衣甘蓝, you can use 维生素K in your skin care products. Specifically to target Spider Veins, Rosacea, and Dark Under eye Circles or discoloration.

维生素K helps the above conditions by strengthening the connective tissues in veins and capillary walls. Many of these conditions appear as we age and they sometimes cause us to appear older than we really are. 然而, by adding some 维生素K to your daily skin care regimen, you will turn back the clock on your age and develop a more youthful and well-rested appearance.

太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站店, we have formulated our 维生素K product (Profile-K) to help shrink small veins and capillaries near the surface of the skin while it strengthens and fortifies them. This lotion is perfect for those who want to lighten their dark under eye circles, reduce the appearance of Rosacea or blotchy skin, and improve their overall vein healt

维生素K and Blood Circulation


What Else Does K Do For You?

Arterial calcification was considered to be just a ‘side effect of aging’ for decades, but research discovered that insufficient vitamin K actually accelerated it. What arterial calcification involves is the deposit of loose calcium in the structure of blood vessels. It causes a hardening of the vessels themselves, reducing their elasticity, and contributes to plaque.

维生素K activates proteins in the body which prevent the calcification of blood vessels and organs. These proteins – called Gla-proteins – cannot function without proper levels of vitamin K in the body.

Blood vessel elasticity is tied to the strength of the vessel itself. Healthy vessels are harder to break, leading to less severe bruising. 良好的循环 is one of the necessary elements to avoiding dangerous blood clots. 维生素K certainly does a lot for the body, doesn’t it?

Better Circulation, Better Skin

Improved circulation isn’t just vital to overall health; it has a direct effect on your skin as well. A lack of oxygen in the blood – due to poor circulation – can lead to skin pigmentation and a blotchy complexion. If your blood can’t move freely through your body, you can look pale or even ashen.

What about acne or skin outbreaks? If your blood can’t circulate to carry platelets to repair the damage, any small cuts or acne scars can take far longer to heal. Circulatory health is surprisingly important to the look and feel of your skin.

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